That digital crack is back in my life.

So it happened again after 6 months of being clean i’m back on world of Warcraft. This was from watching the film which i highly recommend unlike those critics. I ended up starting afresh on the current EU new player server as a dwarf pally Holy spec. And within a day i was invited to […]

Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn

At the weekend i made the decision to get FF14:ARR, as its one of the few mmos i have been looking at for a long time but never touched. well after a day of downloading on Saturday. i started playing at 6am on the Sunday and 12 hours later i was level 16 and completed […]

Playstation now Beta

So i have now been given access to the playstation now beta. i have the app downloaded and select the game i want to play and the game authenticates followed by “YOU DO NOT HAVE A GOOD INTERNET CONNECTION” or “YOU NEED TO TURN THINGS OFF THAT ARE USING THE INTERNET” all i want is […]

LEGO Dimensions announced

LEGO Dimensions

So Lego dimensions was announced today it looks like i have a pre-order to make but i have know idea for what console i get it on. im thinking wii u and ps4. oh well iv only got till 29th september to go till its out then i can select then

Bloodborne AKA that Bastard game

my journey in the game and my rants

BloodBourne AKA that Bastard game

I got Bloodbourne Nightmare edition on the Uk Release day, and i love the game but HATE the game at the same time i managed to defeat the first boss after a few days of playing and rage quitting it only took 2 attempts on him as for progressing i haven’t at all from then […]

X-55 RHINO Review

Saitek X-55 RHINO H.O.T.A.S System

So over a month ago i ordered a X55 Rhino HOTAS flight stick and throttle system for use with Elite: Dangerous as i have had the game from Beta and only used Keyboard and Mouse until it had arrived but the only issue was i couldn’t find a Review from a new user of flight […]