X-55 RHINO Review

Saitek X-55 RHINO H.O.T.A.S System

So over a month ago i ordered a X55 Rhino HOTAS flight stick and throttle system for use with Elite: Dangerous as i have had the game from Beta and only used Keyboard and Mouse until it had arrived but the only issue was i couldn’t find a Review from a new user of flight sticks and with detail settings for E:D

I had ordered the X55 from the Mad Catz website for the UK and at the time it was on promotion with the F.R.E.Q 3 headset included at the cost of £170 including the P&P.

when it arrived i was the typical me and ripped the box it was sat in first and left it for the cats to play in. the box it self is very sturdy and well made for the shipping of the items sat inside.

on the unboxing the you are greeted with a thank you letter from saitek that also states that there is no physical driver media for the product. thus you need to download the current driver and application from them, the only other paper work included is the setup of the product. this does not include how to change the springs on the flight stick, I had to google this for myself and the last bit thats not the HOTAS system is STICKERS, yes thats right STICKERS.

the stick was disconnected from its base unit at first. this was very quickly resolved by screwing on the stick this is a ratchet system so you cant over tighten the unit. when it was connected i tested the resistance with the spring that was currently in position this was the Green spring my personal favourite. to change the spring you will need to undo the stick from the base unit. you will notice the threaded section do not pull this part but the outer section up yes it may feel like your breaking it but your not. this will leave the spring and the threaded cap, what i do at this point is pull the spring down and remove one half of the cap followed by the other next just lift up the spring and swap with another or leave blank for no resistance. next reattach the threaded sections followed by the locking ring by pushing it on. then just reattach the stick and screw back on.

next was followed by getting the throttle out and seeing how smooth it was when both were in the single throttle setup this is just a bar that makes them move as one. at first the throttle was very stiff for me which resulted in me reducing the tension of the unit to its lowest setting available this is how i use it most days now.

after i had done the setup of the drivers and software i went on Elite: Dangerous the first thing i noticed was that the stick by default does not have any dead zones setup. this ment that my ship in game even when i was not touching the flight stick the ship was rolling on its own. this was resolved when i loaded up the program for the X55 then went in to the settings for the stick and put in the following values bellow, on the X axis, Y axis and the rudder.

Deadband 50
Curvature 650
x-sat 1000
y-sat 1000

The deadband allowed for the wiggle on the stick with out effecting the game but the change in the curvature allowed for slow turning in the shallows of the movement but on the outskirts of the sticks range allowed for a faster reaction.

as for the throttle movement i haven’t made any changes as of yet.

so now that, that lot is out of the way time for the review.

after using the X55 for a month now i can say. the best choice i have made for improving my game expirence in Elite : Dangerous i have now spent more time in game then before. most days im now sat on the game its also ment i have a kill count now woooooo and that im making money.

yes people have said its made of plastic. my responce is “and how does that effect the product” to me it hasn’t
Both base units also have holes in each of the corners this is so that it can be attached to a desk to other items if you want a more weighty feel to the unit.
the only issue i have is that the stick’s palm rest is a little to low for my hands which does result in some hand fatige.

over all i personaly feel for the product is im in love with it.
not only has it given me a better gaming expireince with ED but its also given me a excuse to get Star citizen later and any other space sims that are due out

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