Bloodborne AKA that Bastard game

my journey in the game and my rants

BloodBourne AKA that Bastard game

I got Bloodbourne Nightmare edition on the Uk Release day, and i love the game but HATE the game at the same time i managed to defeat the first boss after a few days of playing and rage quitting it only took 2 attempts on him as for progressing i haven’t at all from then i play in the evening die a few times lose all my echoes then Quit the game till the next day and repeat the following day.

i have played dark souls and dark souls 2 and found them difficalt but atleast i have progressed in them to the point i have a month off the game due to rage.

i plan on playing the game till i get stuck till i need a month away from the game (i don’t think that will be long till then)

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