That digital crack is back in my life.

So it happened again after 6 months of being clean i’m back on world of Warcraft. This was from watching the film which i highly recommend unlike those critics. I ended up starting afresh on the current EU new player server as a dwarf pally Holy spec. And within a day i was invited to a guild and you know what it feels like the good old days of wow. When a new player has an problem. They just ask for help and that’s what happened last night one of our guild members was having an issue in stormwind finding the panda rep guy as they want a turtle as a mount. That’s when i noticed they where next to me. So began the journey to the lake of stormwind. Once i lead them to the place they were very appreciative of the help they had received. This is how wow should be helping each other and bring the fun back to the game.

So back to the point of the post. Its in my blood now and even at lunch at work i be a rouge and sneak in a 45 min session. The apps are all loaded on my phone and i’m planning on building a website for the guild and linking the guilds discord to it.

I’m back on with a warlock with a demonology build but that’s only till legion is released when it will be removed nt happy about that. but atleast i will get to play a demon hunter the next hero class.

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